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Brave Soles Ethical Leather Footwear Made With Recycled Tires in the Dominican Republic and Giving Back



If there was one quintessential fashion item to make a statement about what kind of person you are, it would be a pair of shoes. 

Shoes complete an outfit, they embody your personal style and they take you to the highest of heights and if they're good, they will support you through any obstacle life may throw your way! 

But what if a pair of shoes could do all that and more? 

Meet Brave Soles

Each pair of quality, hand crafted shoes are not only stylish but they are made of ethical leather, recycled tires and giving back to charity. 

In all started in the Dominican Republic, Brave Soles Founder - Christal Earle found herself transplanted from Toronto to the Caribbean nation through the adoption of her daughter. While working alongside a charity she established, Christal was challenged by how dangerous life was for those living in the landfills of the Dominican Republic. While there are many heartbreaking obstacles for life in a landfill, one thing in particular stood out: discarded rubber tires from automobiles. 

Sitting in a landfill, every day tires become dangerous. Tires collect water, which attracts mosquitos and breeds dengue fever, which can be deadly - especially to someone without access to health care. Plus, they are made to outlast all of us and the only way to get rid of discarded tires is to burn them, which is incredibly toxic and threatening to those who breathe the air nearby. 

There had to be a better way. 

Luckily, Christal had a stroke of genius one day when chatting with her neighbour over a pair of shoes she was wearing. 

After that moment, the tires were given new life by creating durable, comfortable soles of handmade leather shoes that offered support, cushioning and style.

Furthermore each pair of shoes creates dignified, safe and sustainable employment for artisans in the Dominican Republic...answering the problem not only of an environmental hazard but also creating opportunity for those in poverty. 

Beyond that, Brave Soles continues to support the work being done in the landfill by donating 15% of profits back to providing school supplies and uniforms, emergency health care, sponsoring adult education and citizenship documentation for those who live directly within the confines of the landfills of the Dominican Republic. 

By purchasing a pair of Brave Soles, you are directly making a difference in the lives of others. Wear your shoes with pride and share the story when you go on adventures to the beach, on vacation, out to dinner and to the office. 

Because sometimes world change starts at the bottom of the landfill as beautiful things are given new life. 








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