Etnica is some of the best fabrics and textiles crafted by some of Latin America's most talented artisans, while encouraging a less is more approach in sustainable, quality fashion. We want to educate the world on the meaning behind this craft, the craftsman behind it, and share the stories that make up the beautiful and valuable folkloric culture in South America.

Our alpaca line is ethically sourced and produced in family-owned workshops in Peru where artisans are paid a fair and dignified wage. We use the highest quality alpaca wool, referred to as baby alpaca wool. This natural fibre has been named the finest in the world due to its longevity, soft texture, hypoallergenic features, and thermal capacities.

Baby alpaca wool is the wool that results from the three first shearings of the alpaca’s coat. Compared to other luxury materials, baby alpaca wool is rarer than cashmere, and warmer than sheep’s wool.