Justly Certified

Every dollar you spend is casting a vote for what kind of world you want to live in; make it count.

We take care of the research so that you don't have to jump around the internet trying to find out what's true and which products are good. We test and research each product thoroughly to give it an overall "Justly" rating from 1 of 10, only considering products for our store with ratings of at least 7 on our scale. 

Justly Certification

We rate each of these areas out of a total possible score of 10 and then take the average of the scores to give it the overall Justly rating.

Human-friendly: How well does the company take care of all the people along the supply-chain? For example, are the producers paid fairly?

Quality: It's not enough to just DO good, the products have to BE good.
How well made is the product? If edible, how tasty is the product? Is it actually good for your body?

Earth-friendly: Is the company good for the planet? Are materials sourced sustainably? 

Do-gooding: What does this company do to make the world a better place?

Company Culture: We rate the company based on transparency, diversity, representation, and employee happiness. What kind of company is this? How well do they take care of their employees?

Justly Certified - Justly Market

Our team takes the rating process very seriously, putting our reputation on the line for products we truly believe in. If at some point a company fails to meet our criteria, the company is simply no longer listed in the Justly Market.

Do you know of a company that you think should be in Justly Market? Contact us and let us know!