Clarity Necklace

  • $62.00

From our friends at Kind Karma...

Clear quartz crystals have fascinated civilizations throughout the centuries and the term “quartz” is actually derived from the Greek word for “ice”. Clear quartz crystals have long been recognized as one of the “master healing crystals” and this beautiful stone is said to amplify energy and thought. Connected to the crown chakra, which controls how we think about and perceive situations, clear quartz has been said to help open up the mind and transform negative perspectives into more enlightened points of view.

We decided to honor this crystal’s beauty by creating a simple necklace that is versatile enough for daily wear. The tips of these beautiful crystals were carefully hand-wrapped in 24K gold leaf and then sealed for protection against tarnishing. They are strung on a gold-filled chain that measures 24” in length.

These crystal pendants vary in length from 1”-2” so if you prefer a specific size, please feel free to let us know and we will be happy to send you the one you prefer!