Hawaiian Cleanse

Hawaiian Cleanse

  • $28.99

From our friends at Sweet LeiLani...

The Hawaiian Cleanse detoxifies, energizes and boosts cell turnover removing dead skin cells to improve skin quality. The foaming cleanser and moisturizer reduce the effects of environmental damage. The gentle essential plant nutrients promote healing of sensitive or allergic skin while aiding treatment for rashes, eczema, vascular damaged, or inflamed itchy skin.

Sweet LeiLani Skin Care also provides incredible results for burned, scarred skin or for Cancer patients undergoing treatment (radiation burns) and anyone who is looking for a gentle yet effective cleanser. 


• Foaming Formula
• Provides potent environmental protection
• Detoxifies skin
• Super Plant Based Science
• Removes Makeup
• Balances oils and PH levels
• Treats psoriasis and Dandruff as a shampoo
• Bathe babies for diaper rash
• Foaming body wash

• Vegan • Paraben Free • Gluten Free • Cruelty Free • Fragrance Free • Canadian