INSPIRATION - Espresso from Burundi, Africa

INSPIRATION - Espresso from Burundi, Africa

  • $18.00

From our friends at Good Coffee...

Here's a shot of inspiration to get your day going!

is life-changing
Espresso Roast Coffee
from Burundi, Africa

Net Weight: 12 oz/340 g

Whole Bean Espresso

Coffee Info:

Origin: Long Miles Coffee, Burundi, Africa

You're going to love drinking our delicious new Espresso! Your taste buds will thank you for making the right choice AND you'll be transforming lives in Burundi while you drink it. That's a pretty darn good start to your day, if you ask us. 

This coffee comes in a biodegradable and resealable pouch, so you can feel good about your impact on the environment, too.