Itzamná Slim Tie

  • $80.00

From our friends at Give Guatemala...

Feeling fancy? Getting ready for a wedding a big celebration or just another Tuesday in the office? These unique, one-of-a-kind ties will bring an extraordinary pop of colour to that suit.

These limited edition ties are inspired in Guatemala’s different traditions – hence each tie’s name! The fabric pattern is created by Guatemalan designers and each piece is handwoven by happy Guatemalan artisans. Make a colourful fashion statement and make a difference!

Bonus: each tie comes with a handkerchief for those extra fancy occasions.

Every purchase helps raise funds for local nonprofits that help Guatemalans lift themselves and their families up to a higher standard of living. 15% of all profits are reinvested into a variety of non-profits in Guatemala that provide growth opportunities through leadership and entrepreneurship programs, financial and business courses, skills-based vocational training & more.