Reina Sandals

  • $64.00

From our friends at Brave Soles...

In Spanish, La Reina, means "The Queen". These sandals represent a unique approach to the classic role that leather sandals have taken over the centuries. With a gentle swoop across the top of your foot, the Reina adds a touch of feminine grace that is rooted in a solid hold around your ankle. 

These shoes are a commanding presence - just like the strong women who wear them.

Available in regular and wide widths.

Made by artisans in the Dominican Republic using ethical leather on top and recycled tires on the soles. 
15% of profits benefit the Brave Soles Foundation, assisting those who live in the landfills of the Dominican Republic by providing basic necessities such as school supplies and uniforms, emergency health care, sponsorship for adult education and citizenship documentation.